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Round chocolate florentine cookies with hazelnuts on a white plate

Snicker Florentines

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The saying 'once you pop, you just can't stop' isn't just for potato chips. Thin, chewy, crunchy, praliney (that's totally a word), you have got to try these. Caramel, hazelnuts, chocolate, if there was nougat, you'd be comparing the flavor to a famous chocolate bar.


*Everything is made in house, by hand and therefore, items may look different from the photos. Please check out our FAQ page for storage specific to your goodies!

Here at Flaky Not Flaky we use a lot of nuts and because of that, our treats are not safe for people with nut allergies.

Customer Reviews

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John Doe
Melt in your mouth

OMG!!! This was the most amazing cookie I ever tasted. It literally melted in your mouth and then the crunchy toffee like crunchies put it over the top. My guests ate them as fast as I put them out. Will definitely order a double batch next time.

Appreciate you 'John'! We never thought something could be rich AND light at the same time until we started making these. Glad you and your guests loved them and thanks so much for the review!