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Square cookies topped with pecans stacked on top of each other with one in front

Buttermilk Cookies

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The single most research and development Flaky has ever put into a cookie. We've never had anything like this and therefore it's really hard to describe. We took the best parts of our Buttermilk Cake and combined it with the best parts of our Snicker Florentines, then waved it over our Ruban Doux and BAM! Admittedly, we aren't very good at describing these as you can see - so, order a batch, send us a website description and if we use it then we will send you a batch for free.


*Everything is made in house, by hand and therefore, items may look different from the photos. Please check out our FAQ page for storage specific to your goodies!

Here at Flaky Not Flaky we use a lot of nuts and because of that, our treats are not safe for people with nut allergies.

Customer Reviews

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I’m a forever fan!

These cookies are decadent. Perfect any time of the day or night. Each layer has flavor on top of flavor. I can never look at any other cookie the same way again with judging them. Nothing come close to these beauties.

Love 'forever fan', thank you!!! So happy them you were thrilled with them and thank you for writing such a great review!