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Fig and honey mille-feuille layered with pastry cream and whipped cream and stacked on a plate with figs all around

Seasonal Mille Feuilles

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This is not your average treat.  We turned the difficulty level to 3,000 when coming up with this one.  Flaky puff pastry filled with rich honey vanilla cream and fresh fruit (currently raspberry) layers.  Try this one, then check back so see what flaky flavors we come up with next.  Pro Tip:  Join the mailing list and be the first to know what's coming.


*Everything is made in house, by hand and therefore, items may look different from the photos. Please check out our FAQ page for storage specific to your goodies!

Here at Flaky Not Flaky we use a lot of nuts and because of that, our treats are not safe for people with nut allergies.