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About Flaky

About Flaky

On a quest to help you create dessert experiences.  From spending time with friends and family to delighting your co-workers (or boss), we love creating treats that may be familiar - but done in new or unusual ways. Yes, they are delicious and they are also conversation pieces.  

Another tenant of FnF is a commitment to quality.  Let's face it, we're not selling salad and if you're going to spend the calories on our treats, they better be worth it.

Because of these guiding principles, you can apply the following truths to every Flaky product.  We only use the fresh whole ingredients.  Apples sourced from Washington.  Chocolate sourced from Belgium,  Buttermilk sourced from Georgia.  The flavors you experience are from whole vanilla beans, real fruit, hand crafted confection or ground spices.  We believe you deserve better.

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