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Catering the Flaky Way

Can we replicate a cake you found off the internet and write 'Congratulations' on it? Sure! Do we want to? Nope - And neither do you. You deserve your own dessert designed for you. Absolutely, we can take some inspiration from a photo, but ultimately we want it to be yours. Here at Flaky, we build experiences through food. You are obviously here because you don't want a grocery store chain dessert. So let us take your idea and customize it the Flaky way. Cakes done in ways you've never seen or tasted, whimsical dessert tables, 'make your own' stations...there are so many things we can do to take your event from great to over the top amazing.

You let us know all about the main event and we will send you a sketch within 48 hours showing you what we can do for you.  Need to talk it out?  Let us know in the notes and we will call you within 48 hours.

Whether you have 10 friends or 1,000 friends (well done btw) and no matter your budget, we would love to help with your next event!  Just fill out the form below, press submit, sit back and relax and we will gather the information you need and get back to you within 48 hours.

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