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Sconuts which are scones and doughnuts in a circle on a plate topped with chocolate glaze, sprinkles, maple glaze, powdered sugar and icing
Sconuts which are scones and doughnuts stacked on top of each other and covered in blueberries, lemon, red sprinkles and chocolate
S'more Sconut which is a scone and doughnut on a white plate filled with graham cracker and chocolate and topped with toasted marshmallows
Chocolate Sconuts which are scones and doughnuts with chocolate glaze on a white plate with a glass of milk behind them
Peanut butter and chocolate sconuts which are scones and doughnuts topped with chocolate, peanuts, crispies and filled with peanut butter gananche

The Original Sconuts

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Let'Sconuts!  Wait!  It's a scone AND a doughnut?!  Scone eight packs in a variety of doughnut flavors.  We can't tell you which is best because honestly, we all don't agree.  Flaky says "try them all and let us know your fav on Instagram".  

Classic Variety includes - 2 Glazed, 2 Chocolate Glazed, 2 Maple Glazed, 2 Iced Sprinkle

Indulgent Variety includes - 2 Cinnamon Overload, 2 Chocolate Peanut Butter, 2 S'more, & 2 Double Chocolate

Fruity Variety includes - 2 Lemon Cream, 2 Blueberry Cake, 2 Fruity Pebble, 2 Raspberry Jelly


*Everything is made in house, by hand and therefore, items may look different from the photos. Please check out our FAQ page for storage specific to your goodies!

Here at Flaky Not Flaky we use a lot of nuts and because of that, our treats are not safe for people with nut allergies.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Devoured them

I ordered the variety pack #2 and loved every single one. Already looking forward to the next opportunity I can justify buying another pack!

Awwww, so happy you loved your Sconuts! We take a lot of pride in these little guys and we can't wait for you to try more! Thanks for the amazing review!

Go nuts for the Sconuts

OMGOSH these things are fantastic. Kinda cake-y, kinda scone-y, kinda donut-y … we finished our order in three days!

So happy you loved them Rodney! We have recently taken a liking to our Sconuts w/ coffee. Starts our day off beautifully ;) We appreciate the wonderful review and the order!

Brian Bourgault
unbelievably good

We ordered a buttermilk cake 12” for Thanksgiving as well as some of the Raspberry filled Sconuts. Both were unbelievably good. The buttermilk cake was enough to feed a small army and was a welcome addition to the normal apple and pumpkin pie choices. The topping was so amazing and the cake consistency was soo good. Hard to explain, but you have to try it! The Scone-Donuts or Sconuts, were super fresh and we just let them sit out overnight and they were the perfect amount of breakfast pastry with a nice cup of Colombian coffee. I will be ordering more and more soon. Thanks Flaky Not Flaky!!

Thanks Brian! We are so happy you loved everything and you are probably still eating off of that Buttermilk Cake with how big it was. Thanks for the review!

Crystal Stewart
Absolutely loved the cookies and sconuts

Absolutely loved the cookies and sconuts that I ordered! Packed with flavor and individuality wrapped (IF you like to share with others 😉). They arrived quickly and i loved the added personalization on the boxes 😊. If you're jonesing for some delicious sweets, you cannot go wrong with ordering from Flaky Not Flaky!

Glad you were so happy Crystal! Because of you, every box gets a personalized card now. Thank you for being so wonderful and for the great review!